255N CCNA Instructor

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We are seeking a highly qualified and organized CCNA Instructor to provide instruction and course preparation services to perform classroom instruction, as well as, utilize services of existing third-party government or commercial organizations associated with Leader Network Operations College to deliver or assist with delivery of training requirements. 


  • Present approved instruction and apply the current program of instruction (POI) in each of the required.

    courses as required.
  • Conduct training indoors and outdoors, as determined by the COR.

  • Maintain classroom presentation equipment and classroom furniture as prescribed.

  • Maintain established classroom security requirements and procedures as prescribed.

  • Maintain a consistent and above average instructor evaluation.

  • Maintain and report student attendance, records and statistics.

  • Stand, bend and stoop for long periods of time, while delivering and assisting students with training materials.

  • Stay current with required industry certifications and provide a copy of certifications to the COR.

  • Provide students with evaluation sheets, administer and enforce test control standards, and conduct testing in subjects taught, to include grading of exams, evaluation of results, recording of exam result, and administer student critiques for courses.

  • Conduct testing in subjects taught, to include grading of exams, evaluation of results, and recording of exam results and the conduct of after-action reviews (AARs) with students.

  • Audit and edit all developed courseware for accuracy, completeness, flow, balance, and clarity of understanding, as determined by the COR.

  • Develop, research, provide and maintain new and existing IA courseware.

  • Revise, update, or develop and implement new courseware and materials.

  • Review the current POI and Lesson Plans (LP) as required together with other pertinent documents, e.g. student handouts, slides, practical exercises, in order to revise, create, or update the documentation and curriculum to reflect current or emerging course needs.

  • Collect, maintain, and analyze student and customer feedback.

  • Collaborate with current government personnel to establish acceptable instructor practices and student evaluation criteria.

  • Perform other tasks as required by OSC and the Government contracting office.


Healthcare, dental, vision, life insurance, Flexible Spending Account (FSA), Health Savings Account (HSA)


Vacation, Sick, and paid leaves

Career Development

Opportunities to enhance IT knowledge and skills, thus strengthening the OSC team and improving our employees' potential for future opportunities